White sector

From ovens to hobs to washing machines and refrigerators, Creso S.r.l provides products and services for the white goods industry that you will need. Our wiring harnesses are produced with materials suitable for their sector of use with very high quality standards to withstand water, humidity and high temperatures of use.


Since its inception Creso S.r.l has been a valid point of reference for the supply of electrical wiring for means of transport such as buses, cars and motorcycles. Our experience in the sector guarantees competitiveness and the highest quality in providing durable products throughout the vehicle's life cycle. For some years we have gained a consolidated experience in wiring harnesses for hybrid and electric vehicles, keeping us abreast of new eco-sustainable resources for a better future.

Vending machines

The vending machines sector is constantly increasing, Creso s.r.l has been present in this sector for about 20 years. We are organized in such a way as to be able to produce thousands of pieces weekly for each single code, while maintaining punctuality of delivery, quality and management costs.

Earth moving and agricultural machinery

The agricultural machinery market is increasingly dynamic, constantly evolving. It includes three main categories: driving machines (e.g. tractors), operating machines (e.g. fertilizer spreaders) and agricultural trailers. We are also suppliers to manufacturers of both manual and ride-on lawn mowers. Another category that is having an important development is that of machines for harvesting products, which allow the agricultural entrepreneur to save time and production costs.

Industrial automation

Creso S.r.l. manufactures complete electrical panels of various kinds on customer request and electrical systems on board the machine.

Professional cleaning machines

We produce electrical wiring for cleaning machines: from domestic to professional machines such as road sweepers. To date Creso S.r.l. collaborates with leading customers in the sector both in Italy and abroad.